The Reluctant Mail Order Bride

A Reluctant.Mail.Order


She came to Laramie as a mail order bride for Will Hastings. As she stepped from the stagecoach, she was grabbed by a drunken cowboy. Her husband-to-be tried to intervene and was gunned down in front of her.

Left with $73 and her husband-to-be face down, and lifeless in the dirt street of Laramie, she was now faced with a choice of returning to Philadelphia and a hopeless life there or that of a whore working above the saloon in Laramie, when a third choice presented itself. The twin brother of her intended offered to take her as his bride.

Did she dare take the chance with this stranger? With no money and no prospects, she had no choice, so she accepted his proposal, married and went home with Luke Hastings.