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The Montana Widow’s Husband is about Emma Walker, a young woman on the Montana frontier. Left with a three year old son after her husband is killed by lightning, Emma struggles with keeping the ranch on an even keel and a set of young employees that don’t know enough about ranching to plan ahead.

Jeb Calhoun is a former US Cavalry officer who grows tired at some of the Army’s callous tactics and decides to leave the Army. Jeb wanders north, and with no destination in mind, he winds up in Helena, in the Montana Territory. Needing a job, he is referred to the Flying W ranch. He is hired by Emma and her foreman, Sam Ramsey

When Sam suffers a heart attack, with no one to provide directions, the daily chores on the ranch are let slide. His Army sense of discipline offended by the lack of discipline, Jeb takes his concerns to Emma. His points challenged, Jeb takes Emma around and shows her what is happening. Or not happening. When asked if he could do better, he assures her he could. After an endorsement by the hospitalized Sam, Emma offers the position of ranch manager. He accepts and turns things around.

The story continues when their daily routines bring them into close contact and the relationship changes from one of employer-employee to one based on love.

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