The Bachelor’s Bride is the story of Thomas Pinckney, the son of Texas Ranger, Brent and Angela Pinckney. His mother died in childbirth and his first five years, it was just him and his grieving father, and Callie a combination nanny, cook and housekeeper. After numerous attempts by friends at matchmaking, Brent married Lily, who was the only mother Thomas ever knew.
Nearly every boy has an idol; Thomas was no exception. His idol was his Uncle Bane, the only one of all of the Pinckney sons who remained unmarried. The ability to travel like his uncle, unencumbered by a wife and children appealed to him. Thomas decided he was going to remain a bachelor and enjoy the same life.
After he rescued the kidnapped daughter of a guest, his horse went lame and they were forced to walk back to town, taking most of the night. Unwilling to compromise her reputation, he asked her father for her hand.
She would have nothing to do with him, so he appealed for help. Will his aunts be able to change her mind? See what fate has in store for Thomas. You can purchase this and other Susan Leigh Carlton books on Amazon’s Susan Leigh Carlton’s Authors Page.