Susannah's Texas Love
This is a touching western romance novella of ap-proximately 35,000 words and 143 pages
It tells the story of Susannah Parker, a naïve twenty-three year old girl. She has no experience with men and is inexperienced in love. She dreams about those who are nice to her. She is a dressmaker in a women’s clothing firm, with ambitions of being a designer.
Her mother is highly opinionated and dominates every aspect of the home. Her father finds it easier and more peaceful to just go along, but Susannah rebels.
Susannah’s Aunt Edith was a mail order bride, and the only sister of Susannah’s father. His wife, Irene, did not allow Edith in her home. Edith knew all about Susannah, even though they have never met. She named Susannah as heir to her ranch in Weatherford, Texas, and her sizable estate.
There is a contingency clause. Even though Aunt Edith never met her, she did not want Susannah to con-tinue to be dominated by her mother. She made the in-heritance contingent on Susannah moving away from her mother and living on the ranch. If she continues to live at home, she gets nothing.
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