christian western romance
My latest e-book, Montana Teacher: Part 4 My Life, My Love is now live on Amazon.
This is the latest historic western romance book in the Montana Teacher Series. It is a stand-alone story and is not dependent on reading of the other three.
Brett and Bart Collins are the identical twin sons of Sarah Collins Evans a teacher in the Mountain View Montana School District. Their father was killed in a tornado in Battleground, Indiana. Their mother married Tal Evans, the father of Mattie and Elizabeth Evans, also identical twins. Tal’s first wife had died giving birth to the twins.
The two sets of twins were seven when their parents met and married. They met in Sarah’s first grade class. From the beginning, Mattie proclaimed she was going to marry Brett. It was okay, she said, because he wasn’t her ‘for real brother’.
The story takes you through all of the trials and tribulations of Brett and Mattie through school and their graduation from the University of Texas.
It is over 45,000 words and 184 pages compared to the usual 80 pages for a romance novel.
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