montana teacher anthology
I have just published a collection of the three Montana Teacher ebook short stories. It contains 218 pages for only $2.99, a $2.00 price savings over purchasing the three books individually. Save $4.00 over the single price of all three if purchased individually.
The Montana Teacher Collection contains parts 1-3 of The Montana Teacher Series. The story of Sara Collins, a school teacher from Battle Ground, Indiana facing the challenge of providing for and raising twin boys on a meager teacher’s salary after her husband is killed in a tornado. She relocates her family over fifteen hundred miles to take a better paying job as a teacher.

Tal Evans’s wife died giving birth to twin girls. He has trouble getting past his grief and neglects his daughters. Completely undisciplined, the girls are placed in Sarah’s class where she has a forced to confrontation with the girls, and with Tal who resents her disciplining his daughters.

The story tells of the developing romance between the two parents, and the many challenges they face as their children grow and develop. If you like a strong female figure, you will enjoy this book.
It is available on Amazon here.