Montana Freedom is a sweet and tender historical love story suitable for anyone fifteen years or older.
It is the story of Emma Callahan, who was born in Ireland and came to America with her parents. They settled in the section of the Bronx occupied primarily by the Irish.
With low self-esteem, Emma has never had a boyfriend. After the last of her high school classmates was married, Emma sought the help of her priest and learned about mail order brides. Out of a desperate longing to marry and become a mother, Emma placed an advertisement for a husband.
Cal Rawlins, a twenty-five year old homesteader outside Helena, Montana has dreams of owning a large ranch, and finding someone to share it with. He placed an ad in The Matrimonial News also, with the ads each attracting the other’s attention.
Could a New York City girl find happiness out on the frontier? Could she even survive the harsh on the frontier?
These questions must be resolved in order for a successful relationship to develop.
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