Montana Bargain Bride

Montana Bargain Bride is a story about a different kind of mail order bride. It is a clean, tender love story of a young couple searching for happiness.
Joanna Stevens was left at the altar when her fiancé, Lester Burke decided he did not want to get married, and took off for parts unknown. Fearful of what the townspeople and her friends might think or say about her, Joanna withdrew from any contact until one day on a whim, she answered an advertisement placed by a lady in nearby Pittsburgh for women interested in becoming a wife to her nephew. Joanna answered the ad and was selected by the aunt. Then she faced the painful decision on whether to travel to far off Montana.
Clint Williams is the son of a wealthy rancher and mine owner in the fictional town of Bitter Root, Montana. He asked for his aunt’s help because of a lack of eligible young ladies in Bitter Root.
Joanna’s life is turned upside down when the long gone but not forgotten Lester Burke turns up in Bitter Root, and tries to reestablish ties with Joanna.
Will she forgive and forget? Will she return to Beaver Falls? Will she take the chance on Clint? Read all about why Clint calls the advertisement the best bargain he ever had.
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