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Linda Jensen was a horsewoman. When her father died at the age of forty-five, she was left to run the Lazy J Quarter Horse Ranch. It was an overwhelming task. She lost her heart and her virtue to Tom Myers, a handsome neighboring rancher. They made plans to combine the two ranches into one large operation. When Linda found out she was cheating on her all over town, she washed her hands of him. He desperately wants her ranch, so he continues trying to win her back.

Tobias Martin is the son of a veterinarian and horse rancher in Macon, Georgia. While his father was serving in the war, Genreral Tecumseh Sherman’s Army marched through Georgia, on their way to the sea, laying waste to everything in their path. They confiscated all of the Martin’s horses and burned the buildings, leaving the young Tobias and his mother only the burned hulk in which to live. After the war, no one in their impoverished part of Georgia had money for a veterinarian, so faced with foreclosure, loaded his family in a wagon and set out for Texas and the free land offered homesteaders.

In order to supplement the family income while his father was building a veterinary practice, Tobias took a job working for the Lazy J Ranch, using his talent as a “horse whisperer” to tame and train the Lazy J quarter horses. He became enmeshed in the conflict between Linda and Tom Myers, and is shot for his troubles.

Follow his courtship of Linda to the resolution of the problems.
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