Ashley goes home
This is a clean, tasteful short story of approximately 17,000 words. It is complete with no cliffhangers.

Ashley Goes Home is the story of Ashley Sanders, a young girl raised in the town of Mountain View, Montana. At the age of sixteen, the senior in high school has the world as she knows it completely torn apart.

Her mother and father divorce, and she is uprooted and moved to San Jose, California leaving her boyfriend, Jim Gardner and her best friend Margaret behind. She completes high school in San Jose, and graduates from San Jose State College. Her classmate, Payton Bertoni proposes marriage. She accepted the proposal, but nearly three years later, she is working as a National Park Ranger in Yosemite, she is still unmarried with no wedding date set. Her life is slammed again by the sudden death of her father in Mountain View and it falls to her to settle her father’s estate.

She falls in love with the town and people, and discovers she still has strong feelings for her high school boyfriend. Confused, she returned to Yosemite to sort through her feelings.

What will she do about her fiancé? Will she rekindle her romance with Jim? How will she handle it when she finds herself expecting Jim’s child? Can she ever find love and happiness or will she withdraw to Yosemite to face life as a single mother, alone with her child?

Ashley Goes Home answers these questions.

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