Publication Date: December 26, 2013
Republished under a new title!
A Western romance about Rebecca Atkins, the daughter of The Lonely Cowboy, Trace Atkins and his wife Sarah. Rebecca graduated from the University of Texas Summa Cum Laude. She decided she would like to study law. Since money was not a problem, she decided to attend George Washington University in Washington, DC.
She was number one in her class and editor of the law review. She was one of only three women in her class and did received fewer offers than the male students, still she accepted an associate position with a major law firm in the District.of Columbia.

Charles Wilson had a girlfriend in Atlanta prior to law school. When he chose Harvard Law School, the relationship fell apart. It was one of his first failures and did not sit too well with him. He was considered a big catch in the Georgetown social circles. He owned a house in the exclusive community of Georgetown, just off Wisconsin Avenue. He was invited to most of the balls and parties held by the inner circle of society. He attended most of the parties, neglecting his studies.
Rebecca met Charles after she found his lost dog. They saw each other several times since the dog kept coming back to Rebecca. They developed an interest in each other but his hangups over his previous girlfriend hurt the relationship. Charles goes home unannounced. Rebecca is offered a top position with another firm and makes the decision to visit her family before starting her new position. Charles decides Rebecca is the one for him but cannot find her. He finally finds her and makes amends and their relationship blossoms.

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