marriage of conveniencesmall
“A Marriage of Convenience” is the first of a ten book series called “The Pinckney’s of Charleston”. Each of the brother’s will have a book based on his exploits and adven-tures.
This is a story about a young woman, daughter of a Bos-ton owner of a gentleman’s club and a wealthy member of the upper strata of Boston society. This is the story of Emily Kensington, a name taken to shield her from the stigma of the relationship of her mother and father.
After both parents are killed in an accident, Emily is the beneficiary of both fortunes. Her mother’s will specifies the club be sold and the proceeds used to establish a respectable business. Her father’s will gives her his estate only if she leaves Boston, and marries within a year. It’s the parents attempt to shield her from the stigma coming from her mother’s business and the illicit romance between them.
After Emily relocates to San Francisco, she establishes a finishing school for young daughters of San Francisco elite. A half-brother she didn’t know existed tries to lay claim to the fortune of her father, even though he was excluded from the will, after using Pinkerton detectives to locate her. When she refused turn over the estate, he tells her fiancé and his mother about her past, causing the fiancé to break off the engagement.
Will she be able to lay claim to the fortune? Can Ben Pinckney, the agent that located her rescue her The answers to these and other questions lie within.
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